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My interest in making jewelry started a few years ago when I was looking for a new indoor hobby. While browsing videos on YouTube, I discovered the world of coin rings. This immediately got my attention. As I find numerous coins with my other hobby, metal detecting, I found a new way to turn some of my coin finds into cool jewelry.


I initially bought some cheap tools to see if this was a hobby that I would like to pursue. Within a week of battling with these basic tools, I bit the bullet and bought a complete set of quality tools specific for the job. There was no turning back now.


After about 8 months of making coin rings, I found myself wanting to do something more special with these rings. So I bought a metal working lathe. This allowed me to start making coin rings with inlays. I experimented with various inlay materials and found that Jade was not only my favorite material but that of my customers as well. I also found that the silver New Zealand Half Crown coin was the nicest in my opinion for a Jade inlay, due to its intricate pattern and design.


This coin ring has now become one of my best sellers to-date. 

Jewelry By Pierre Metal Working Lathe.jpg.jpg
Jewelry By Pierre Silver Nuggets and Chain.jpg


As I continued to make coins rings I became interested in using Sterling Silver as well and exploring my options with this metal.

Sterling Silver opened up a whole new world for me. I just love working with this versatile metal. It allows me to be even more creative with my designs. Some nights I can't sleep as I have a 101 ideas and designs swirling around in my head. I can't wait to get into the studio the next day to try these ideas out.

More recently I started working with gold as well. I have already designed a few rings with gold as you would have seen on this website. This is just the beginning though. Who knows where this beautiful metal will take me. Watch this space ! 

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